Well, hardly had I submitted the final copies of my thesis and I’m off to give a talk at ACS Spring – San Diego. I had prepared myself for a somewhat larger conference than is normal in Europe but this was a on a different scale completely. Nevertheless it was a great chance to catch up with some international friends and to make some new ones. Jonathan Barnes of the Stoddart Group at Northwestern was his usual enthusiastic self. I’ve seen Kim Dunbar talk on a few occasions before but it was great to meet up with members of the Dunbar Group for the first time at the poster session. I hope we can stay in touch in the future.

I was pleased to see Jeffrey Long of UCB speak, he gave an interesting talk on his radical based single molecule magnet. Other personal highlights were Arnold Rheingold (UCSD) speaking on a career in collaborative crystallography with peculiarities such as the ‘discovery’ of bond stretch isomerism, David Brook’s (San Jose State University) discussion of verdazyl radical incorporation in inorganic complexes and the Chemistry of Life plenary lectures.

Despite my extended visit down under, I’ve not really had a holiday for ages, so I was very pleased I’d managed to add a week of R’n’R in San Francisco. I found time to cycle the Golden Gate Bridge, get a hotdog at a baseball game and ride a cable car up the steep SF hills.