Enjoying the sun and cricket at the MCG during rare free afternoon

Well I’m just back from my tour ‘down-under’, a very busy couple of weeks but such a great experience. Sally Brooker and Keith Gordon organised a wonderful conference, ISMSC-7, and I’d like to thank them for allowing me to present my work at such a prestigious meeting.

I was delighted to win a poster prize sponsored by Wiley, though carrying Steed and Atwood’s ‘Supramolecular Chemistry’ around Australasia nearly broke my luggage allowance.

I was lucky to be hosted and welcomed by so many kind people during my time in Australia. James Blinco, Madeleine Schultz and John McMurtrie at QUT, Deanna D’Alessandro and the Kepert Group at the University of Sydney, Tony Hill and his Group at ANU, Colette Boskovic at the University of Melbourne and Keith Murray and the Molecular Magnetic Materials Group at Monash University.

The trip was funded by the EPSRC and RSC but would not have been possible without the support of a number of people who provided accommodation, sustenance, transport and general support; Jack and Olivia Shepherd (Sydney), Nick, Beth, Aiden, Josie and Lachy Bright (Canberra) and Tom Pell and Elisse Browne (Melbourne).

Receiving a prize at ISMSC-7

Making some 'heavy' carbon dioxide filled bubbles!

Well that was an exhausting but rewarding weekend! The BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory live show came on tour and through the RSC I helped out at the Manchester edition. Leanne Bloor did a great job organising us and together the team made our stall a great success.


Presenting my work on Quantum Information Processing to Nicky Morgan MP

I guess not many people get to present their work at the Houses of Parliament so I feel pretty lucky! I must say it’s no easy task presenting your research to MPs, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I managed to discuss some of the overarching aspects of my research but attention quickly turned to the state of Science and Higher education funding. The prospects for UK science funding certainly seem bleak, despite what Brian Cox and David Willetts MP (Minister of State for Universities and Science) had to say.

Overall I feel events like this are important if we are to stress the importance of science funding to those holding the purse strings, I hope I contributed to that effort.

Nick Brooks (Imperial College London), Me, Alejandra Palermo (Royal Society of Chemisty) and Shuti Khanna (IIT Kanpur) at a networking event during the visit

Well I’ve had a truly eye-opening experience as part of the UK’s RSC delegation on a visit to India.

I’ve met some inspirational people and learned a great deal about the state of the Indian Higher Education system.

For more information see the article in RSC News (link under /publications).

Members of Manchester's Molecular Magnetism Group talk chemistry with Prof Yukawa at a Soba Noodle Bar

Prof Yasuhiko Yukawa invited members of the Molecular Magnetism Group at Manchester to visit his labs in Niigata, Japan, and share in a symposium. The visit was funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) through the Global Circus Project.